Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Time For A Roof Repair

Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Time For A Roof Repair

Texas Fall For Roof Repair

Texas Fall For Roof Repair

Weather and changing seasons can take their toll on your home. For example, one major windstorm, tree fall, hailstorm, or the installation isn’t proper.

At 4 Way Contractors & Remodeling, we provide roof repair and roofing inspections, install complete roofing systems, and we take the time to educate our customers about the importance of using the right roofing products. Of course, we’re also passionate about creating awareness around roofing in autumn – because there’s no better time to service your roof! Here’s why:

Roof Repair Energy Efficiency

Roof repair before the cold winter temperatures hit will not only protect your home; it will protect your energy bill from skyrocketing. If you have roofing issues, your air-conditioned airflow can easily escape through your roof in the summer, and cold can enter your home in the winter.

By patching any issues in the fall, you’ll reap the benefits of roof repair and improving insulation before the temperatures change.

The Weather Is Just Right For A Roof Repair

Fall weather is safer for roofers as there is no dangerous ice to slip on, nor are there dehydration or heat exhaustion risks under the blistering sun. In other words, your roofers will be happy to repair your roof in fall temperatures.

Early fall is considered the busiest time for roofing companies because of the ideal weather conditions. Unpredictable summer thunderstorms are over, and your roofer can work more efficiently because the weather is temperate.

There’s no better time than autumn for a roof repair with 4 Way Contractors & Remodeling!

Shingles Temperatures Are Perfect

Singles can be more challenging to nail down and handle when they get too hot. In the cold, they can even become frozen, which can cause delays and more expensive roof repairs for businesses and homeowners.

Asphalt roofing is the most common material used, and weather conditions in the fall make their installation much more accessible. Asphalt roofing is best installed between 45 and 50 degrees because the shingles don’t stick together when removed from the packaging as they do during the summer. They’re also less brittle than they are in the winter.

Manufacturers suggest installing shingles in temperatures over 26 degrees because cold shingles are much more fragile. If it’s too cold, a roofing gun cannot be used because it will break the shingle, and each must be hand-nailed.

Preventing Roofing Issues Before They Arise

Those needing roofing services should be conscious of getting their repair work done in the fall before the snow and stormy weather begins.

Roof repair during fall is essential, as it can be tough and costly to lay shingles in the winter and summer. Wind and snowstorms can cause minor roofing problems to become big roofing problems!

4 Way Contractors & Remodeling Emergency Roofing Services

At 4 Way Contractors & Remodeling, we know that nature can come calling when you least expect it. That is why we always have professionals on standby throughout the year for any emergency roofing services you may need. Harsh weather elements may destroy your roof when you least expect them, and there are times that your roofing could develop holes with resultant leakages as a result of worn-out parts or the activities of animals. Irrespective of the cause of your roof problems, rest assured that we are on top of the 4 Way Contractors & Remodeling
job with the best materials and professionals.

At 4 Way Contractors & Remodeling, we ensure we use the best available materials for your Roof. We also have certified professionals that help with installation and after-sales service. That is why we guarantee all our products and services.

Are you thinking about having a roof repair?

Don’t wait to schedule an appointment with a roofing contractor. Book an appointment for several months to replace your roof before the harsh winter months arrive. If you wait until the middle of the fall, you will likely wait until spring to get your roof serviced!

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