House Problems Should I Fix First - Foundation Or Roof

Which House Problems Should I Fix First: Foundation Or Roof?

Your home’s foundation is the underlying structure that the house sits on. When a house is being built, the foundation is the first part of the building that is created. It anchors the home to the spot where it stands. Everything from the level of your house to its stability and longevity depends on the foundation’s condition.

The roof, on the other hand, is the crowning structure of the building. It is the last structural element to be implemented after the foundation and load-bearing systems have been created. The roof provides a canopy to shield the building, its inhabitants, and its contents from the elements. Without a roof, your house would be uninhabitable.

Together, the foundation and roof form the base and the cap of your building. These two vital structures do not damage easily. But when they do, the issues must be fixed immediately. Delaying to solve roof and foundation problems will result in significant damage to the other structures of the building. A failed foundation may even destroy your home, warns Granite Foundation Repair Company.

Roof and foundation problems rarely happen at the same time. But sometimes, a homeowner may find themselves in a difficult position where their building’s roof and foundation are damaged simultaneously. If this happens at your home, which should you fix first?

Should you fix the roof or foundation first?

The simple answer is FIX THE FOUNDATION FIRST.

There are two reasons why it would be a colossal mistake to solve the roof issues without first remedying the foundation problem.

Foundation problems manifest as roof damage.

Which House Problems Should I Fix First - Foundation Or Roofs

Problems with your roof MAY (maybe) affect the foundation, but problems with the foundation WILL (certainly) affect the roof. The issues you see in your building’s roof may be outcomes of foundation problems. That means the foundation is the root of the problems. Issues with that structure must be addressed first.

Foundation repair can cause roof damage.

It is common for roof damage to happen when a foundation is being repaired. Foundation repair often involves lifting a part of the building, and in that process, the roof shingles may crack, or the entire roof structure can become misaligned. Said the very process of foundation repair can also cause roof damage.

To reiterate, here is why you should always fix the foundation issues before repairing the roof:

  • Roof issues may be the fallout of problems with the building’s foundation. Fixing the roof first is addressing the symptoms and ignoring the root cause of the problem. The roof repair will not last because the foundation issues will damage the repaired roof.
  • Secondly, even if the roof problems are unconnected to the foundation issues, the roof may be affected during foundation repair. If your newly-repaired roof is damaged when you fix the foundation, you will pay twice to solve the same problem.

In every construction project, whether raising a new building or simply renovating a part of your old one, there is a proper sequence to follow. Following the appropriate series when repairing your home will help you save time and costs. The adequate arrangement for roof and foundation problems is to do foundation repair before roof repair.

Does your home need foundation repair?

How do you know if your home’s foundation is in trouble? You may need foundation repair if you see the following signs in your home.

1.      Cracks in walls and floors

Which Problems Should I Fix First - Foundation Or Roof

Changes in the foundation’s position will often show up as cracks in the floor and walls of the home. These cracks are common around corners. They may also show up on stairs.

1.      Gaps between walls and cabinets

These can start as small gaps that are hard to spot. Over time they get wide enough to be instantly visible. Gaps between your cabinets and walls signify that the floors and walls are pulling apart.

2.      Floors are sagging or out of level.

If the floors are not level, every time you drop the ball, it will roll to one side of the home, and spilt water will always flow to one area of the room. Foundation problems can also cause the floor to sag or dip.

3.      Sticky doors and window

Due to misalignment between the floor and walls, doors and windows may start to jam. You will find it increasingly hard to close or open them.

4.      One side of your house sinking

Foundation problems can get so severe that the home will tilt as one side of the building sinks until it is visibly lower than the other.

Foundation problems are remarkable. But that is only if you catch them early. To solve your home’s foundation issues, you should have a licensed structural engineer and a recognized foundation repair company take a lot at the problem.

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